Main Crew Members

N/Nick Pfeifer - 2-Year E3 Veteran - When finally getting into games at the age of 10, Nick stuck to PC gaming and strategy titles such as SimCity 2000, X-COM: UFO Defense, and Master of Orion. Nick serves as Director, Editor, Executive Producer, and Designer on the project.

Kelly Karnetsky - E3 Nub - A life-long gamer, Kelly started with the Nintendo Entertainment Systems and worked right up the line of Nintendo consoles. While a console gaming primarily, he loves a good game of Starcraft from time to time. Kelly serves as Executive Producer on the project.

Sam Mackey - E3 Nub - Another Nintendo kid, Sam worked all the way up through GoldenEye to Half-Life to where he is today: feeding his World of Warcraft addiction. Sam serves as Associate Producer on the project.

Cody Meyer - 2-Year E3 Veteran - While initially given a Nintendo Entertainment System, Cody quickly turned his eye toward PC gaming, starting with The Journeyman Project and working up through various adventure games and tech-heavy PC shooters. Cody serves as Illustrator on the project.